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iOS App Support Technology FAQ Feedback Bug Tracker Forums Wiki Community Team Contribute Source Code Shop Amahi IRC Channel Credits News Blog Press Google+ Twitter Facebook © 2015 Amahi English facebook Updated over 4 years ago » Do you support Fedora 15? The vast majority of users are used to an install code and prefer a simple install code than multiple configuration settings. Comment Instructions: If you need support to troubleshoot a problem please post it in our Support Forum instead. Source

What do I get for signing up? Apologies. You can optionally turn off your router's DHCP server for your LAN and let the Amahi HDA give out the DHCP leases for the systems in your network. Nope As of Amahi 8 we stopped releasing for x86 32-bits systems to focus on supporting 64-bits systems only. 32-bits systems are becoming less and less common, as they are a

Can't Access Amahi Dashboard

What is the recommended OS drive partition layout for my HDA? With Amahi, only one service requires opening ports and forwarding them, and that is the VPN, one of Amahi's most popular features. There are several priorities for Amahi: One of the main priorities is to make Amahi self-sustained.

The apps that you install may not necessarily be the current version. Updated over 8 years ago » hda-install: command not found - what gives? A more successful app will result in more Amahi Credit towards the contributor. Amahi Dns Server Not Working Your Amahi HDA-provided domain will not work inside your own network.

Updated about 6 years ago » What is the recommended OS drive partition layout for my HDA? Amahi Dhcp What you say can be interpreted as saying that one does not allow you to get into the other, which is right. You should also say: What client operating system are your other machines in the network using At what point did you turn off your router DHCP (if you did) At what https://wiki.amahi.org/index.php/Network_troubleshooting If we do this, it will probably be done in an encrypted way, as we cannot really sustain any liability for any potential loss of your data.

Latest Comments Work licensed under (cc) BY-NC. Amahi Hda How do I change my password? There may not be technical limitations, however there are some non-technical limitations on how ZFS may be bundled with a Linux system. The expectation is that at any time, about 2/3rds of the apps will not have this one-click install fee, and the others would have it.

Amahi Dhcp

Does the one-click fee for apps get shared with the app authors? https://www.amahi.org/faq There may also be a setting for whether the system boots or stays powered off when the power goes out. Can't Access Amahi Dashboard Why is mt-daapd fail to start when my HDA boots? Amahi Dns Not Working Other machines in the network will not take advantage of most features in the the Amahi HDA.

Updated almost 8 years ago » Do the Amahi shares have quotas? this contact form Why the name? The only way to "get inside" your network is via VPN, or ssh (assuming you open and forward the proper ports). Usernames in Amahi are case sensitive, so Thomas and thomas are different. Amahi Dhcp Not Working

Support Videos Mobile App FAQ Wiki Forums Technology Community Team Community Shop Amahi Credits Sign in FAQ The applications do not work! You need to be logged in to your account to apply the credit to it. After a lot of discussion with the community we also decided to make a few apps available in the Amahi App Store for a small one-click install convenience fee. have a peek here This is why LVM is often combined with RAID LVM (Logical Volume Manager) is convenient for keeping multiple drives, very common nowadays, viewed as a single drive.

He had a change in life situation and had to slow down. Amahi Network Troubleshooter So far everything is working really well. All Rights Reserved.

This happens to less than 0.5% of our prospective users.

We think we've found a solution for Outlook/Hotmail/Live users: On the outlook page go to Options, then Right column, then Safe and blocked senders, then Add @amahi.org. It should also be noted that if doing this in a virtual-machine environment, much of the physical concepts above, go out the window. We don't want unsuspecting users to be unpleasantly surprised by updates that happen behind the scenes. Amahi No Internet Connection You download a Fedora install DVD, and install.

Why? Amahi is designed to be in a more-or-less trusted environment like a home network.

You should definitely have a separate firewall isolating your network from the Internet. Cloud sync, VPN and so on, and some of this is very cool if you have a need for it. [Read: 5 Must have Android apps for HTPC or Home Server http://pgelections.com/not-working/all-google-apps-not-working.html Much like most OSs for smart phones and smart devices.

OpenELEC and Amazon FireTV also connect to Amahi with no problems at all. Updated almost 3 years ago Usage - general » I've successfully completed the hda-install. Updated about 6 years ago » Why do I need to register? This fee is not paying for the app code, but for the distribution, maintenance and the support we provide for it, from the forums to email.

The Amahi updates are, on the other hand, automatic. Where is Amahi Sync storage hosted? Updated almost 4 years ago » Why do I have to sign up? There is a lot more to it than meets the eye: package names are slightly different, deps are just a little different, some files have different paths in CentOS, ....

You’ll probably have to tinker with them a bit. That cannot be done without trust from our users. My HDA: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz on MSI board, 8GB RAM, 1TBx2+3TBx1 Top sgden Posts: 10 Joined: Mon Mar 07, 2011 2:02 pm Re: Apps not working Quote Postby Your Amahi HDA should definitely not be reachable directly from the Internet (only if you did some port forwarding in your firewall).

These may come with some loss of functionality like permissions, file sizes or journaling. It will become more and more affordable over time, so it's clearly the future! Guide: Keep Kodi windows always on top of other windows Guide: How to Watch Kodi Movie Trailers on your Media Center Plex Server 1.2.6 Release: upgrade your Plex server HTPC Deals