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Amplifier Speaker Output Not Working


Was this answer helpful? When you first turn it on, can you hear the audible click of a speaker relay ? Kenwood is a cheaper brand, maybe not garbage, but a cheaper brand. the all pure sound quality these are the guys who go out of thier way to make a movie theater look like a joke. http://pgelections.com/no-sound/amplifier-not-working-no-sound.html

She secured it properly and everything worked fine afterwards -- including the old amp! Article Does Your Amp Need a Fuse? actually hoping its something simple and a repair. It looks nice.

Amp Turns On But No Sound From Speakers

Kudos to Audio Junction (and their repair agent for Dussun gear down in Sydney which was closer for me to take it to РLen Wallis Audio Lane Cove/V&d Audio/Richter) for Double-check that wall switches operating any outlets are flipped on (it's usually a good idea to connect equipment to outlets not toggled by a switch, whenever possible). Confirm that all units (including These were really nice sounding amps and I'd love to have them both working again as as I just finished restoring my AR-9's.

cause if it does thesub will do what's called bottoming out which is basiclly u are over exerting the woofers excursion. not everyone wants to have the "best" and be good enough for competition. center, left/right surrounds, etc). My Amp Is On But No Sound From Speakers Cancel The All-New Pro Tech Toolkit The high performance electronics repair kit.

SomeDonnieDude Silver MemberUsername: SomedonniedudeIllinois United States Post Number: 350Registered: May-07 Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2007 - 02:59 GMTMy friend is selling his kenwood kac-x301t amp, I think he wants $75 Amp Has Power But No Sound From Speakers Leave the known good source connected for the next test. the rest of the case is super thick/high grade aswell. Inspect each of the wires leading from the receiver/amplifier to the speakers, paying close attention for damage and/or loose connections.

not everyone out there that wants to bump wants something that is going to cost them thousands of dollars, and blow out their ear drums. Amp Not Getting Power I'm probably going to have to remove the circuit board to check for a broken connection or hairline crack on the pcb. it gets over 8 times louder then all 4 subs. With the head unit on and the volume at about half adjust the gain control on the amplifier and see if any sound is produced.

Amp Has Power But No Sound From Speakers

so a hifonics brutus is out of the question it kicks out to much power is a power hog and on top of that for the price it will be highly If the receiver works on some input sources but not others, the problem could be with the cables between the component(s) and the receiver. Amp Turns On But No Sound From Speakers It just cut out, and never cut back in. Amp Has Power But No Sound From Subwoofer If something were blown.

User #96129 294 posts c41 Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RdHqD2 posted 2013-Sep-3, 11:10 am AEST ref: whrl.pl/RdHqD2 posted 2013-Sep-3, 11:10 am AEST O.P. Maybe even a sensitive amp. M.S. In the Part II we will focus solely on video. Amplifier No Sound Output

i like the real thing. now i built a 1 12 inch alpine type - r woofer setup. Check for both of these potential issues before delving further. Thanks in advance!

but this isnt even the point. Car Amp Turns On But No Sound From Subs It then gives simple step-by-step instructions for how to disassemble an amplifier and tells how to inspect an amplifier, and how to clean an amplifier. Check your levels Next, check your levels using an SPL meter.

Check the speaker wires.

The amp powers up fine, first 10 seconds it lowers the volume to 0 automatically before the selected input light turns solid. which he obviously didnt read, and has somewhat stepped up to that fact. so the sub sonic cuts freqencys at a certain point so you don't bottom out the sub. Car Subwoofer Troubleshooting who knows what the fiance did to it.

since you guys are so eager to steer me away from kenwood, how about i throw up my fiance, and you can steer him away. the other thing about this forum is it's over run with true masters of craft and so mediocre and mid level. actually hoping its something simple and a repair. kenwood does everything i want, hasnt given me any problems in the many years i've had kenwood equipment.

yes, kenwood is affordable, but it's not crap. I actually did most of the building with him telling and showing me what to do. First, check for voltage at the remote wire. so sadly don't listen to chris.

Modern audio equipment is built using delicate components that cannot be repaired; instead, they are replaced. if that were the case, it wouldn't have worked in the first place. It is highly recommended to use compression style locking banana plugs like the ones pictured in our Kimber 8PR speaker cable review instead of bare wire or spades. CL Smooth!!!!!!!!!

List Stereo Receivers, Integrated Amplifiers and Components Get the Most From Your Tech With Our Daily Tips Email Address Sign Up There was an error. I assume the DS-99 is the older model I will say it definitely is the speaker relay User #96129 294 posts c41 Forum Regular reference: whrl.pl/RdHXLM posted 2013-Sep-10, 9:05 am It was too close to lunch hour. try taking one of the input connectors and switch left to right.

one last side not eon loud systems and us. the whole front panel is about an 8mm thick solid block of... certain amps have a protect light others dont so say the amp is screwed. Well not much can go wrong on an integrated amp...

no sign of any hiss at all from the speakers. I had him hook his subwoofer up to my stereo, so the subwoofer is not blown. Isaac Gold MemberUsername: CarguyPost Number: 6590Registered: Nov-04 Posted on Friday, November 09, 2007 - 17:09 GMTYea, sorry about that. im not running around here saying my system will out-bump anyones here.

Hope it'll helpful to you. Right. thier all deep up to thier azzz in audio and know a ton about everything in car audio.