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Asp Net Login Not Working In Ie

When I tried going to my production website from within this same IE browser, the problem exists. I will list them here in the order I suggest you try them. Its expiry date is 28 days in the future, its path is /, the domain is mysite.com, and its value is an encrypted forms ticket, as expected. The real issue was further down in the method with this bit of code: System.Web.HttpBrowserCapabilities browser = Request.Browser; double version = 0.0d; Double.TryParse(browser.Version, out version); if(browser.Browser != "Firefox" && browser.Browser != this content

more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science And after I set the browser mode to IE 8, the problem is gone. Justin Toth http://tothsolutions.com http://www.sportsalert.com Reply uotmiem None 0 Points 2 Posts Re: Login control doesnt work in Internet Explorer May 21, 2008 07:46 PM|uotmiem|LINK Does any one have the answer? Justin Toth http://tothsolutions.com http://www.sportsalert.com Reply jtoth55 Member 36 Points 183 Posts Re: Login control doesnt work in Internet Explorer Aug 28, 2006 11:13 PM|jtoth55|LINK here's a new insight into the problem... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/13633286/ie-10-login-issues

Note the 302 redirect for 7, 8, and 11; back to the same page requested. share|improve this answer answered Jan 4 '12 at 12:19 Axeman 484511 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign If you set slidingExpiration to true and have your 30 min timeout, does that work? In order to work with the tool, you need to press F12, click the Emulation button located at the bottom left and choosing Internet Explorer 9 from the dropdown list.

I have removed the domain attribute wthout success. Even though it's only an issue in IE, this issue can't be pinpointed to all instances of IE, as it works in IE in my dev environment. 3. What does the actual path of air within a turbojet engine look like? What is the meaning of "barnet front"?

It redirects me to my home page, butdoesn't log in. I’ve gone and made things easy for you – click this link to download a custom .browser file with the IE11 fix. I have lost hours because of one parameter. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1179500/problem-with-asp-net-forms-authentication-in-internet-explorer I don't know whether umbraco 4.7 is compaitble with .net 4.5 please give your advise to solve this issue.

Updating the time on the server fixed the problem for me share|improve this answer answered Apr 12 '12 at 10:28 Simon Martin 1116 Thanks for you answer - in That's why for example I had to add theapplicationName="/MySite" to have the site work. In my dev environment this works fine in both Firefox and Internet Explorer. If my login page located on: https://secure.xxxx.com/login.aspx, what would be the domain value?

Citing work with a publication year in the future Do I need a transit visa to travel through Beijing to Melbourne? hop over to this website for some reason auth fails and browser is redirected to login page, as in step 1. Please consider whitelisting us. What are the sensors & cameras on those new windshield packs? (like Volvo city safety) Citing work with a publication year in the future Armistice Day Challenge more hot questions question

Last modified on Nov 15, 2012 at6:42AM figuerres 2 hoursago, spivonious wroteAwesome! At some point before my logging code ran, the cookie was being expunged from the cookie collection server-side. Initally, I worte my code to manully create authentication cookie and add it into the cookie file. You can find him on Twitter, Goodreads, LinkedIn and GooglePlus.

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All in Data Science Culture & Methods Agile Leadership Team Collaboration Testing Project Management UX Scrum Lean/Kanban Personal Growth Featured in Culture & Methods Agile Sailors - A Journey from that the website behaved properly and they were able to get past the login page but when they used the DNS name it did not. Unusual, and likely unnecessary, but not the source of the problem. have a peek at these guys ASP.NET just didn't consider the second, valid cookie at all.

Build me a brick wall! your non-working login server sets a cookie for the working server with a different host name) or some other privacy feature that might interfere here? –Daniel Beck♦ Jan 4 '12 at Citing work with a publication year in the future Alternate options for symbolic links (ln) What is the point of update independent rendering in a game loop?


It may be important to know that I am on a shared hosting. Thanks Reply jtoth55 Member 36 Points 183 Posts Re: Login control doesnt work in Internet Explorer Oct 05, 2006 10:14 PM|jtoth55|LINK Good job on figuring it out!! User gets redirected back to the login page. I tried adding the production domain to my trusted zone and this did not fix the issue. 4.

I will make some more tests with other settings in the Cookieless, just in case... You need to Register an InfoQ account or Login or login to post comments. I used netcat as my client to simulate various browsers, so that I could be sure there was no extra browser state involved. Last modified on Nov 14, 2012 at10:31AM spivonious Awesome!

In IE8: Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Sites Maybe mysite.com is blocked in the relevant zone? The cookie sent to the client during step 3 is not returned to the server on subsequent requests. MathSciNet review alert? Why can curcumin cross the blood-brain barrier, but not congo red?

You need to look at your redirection logic and see exactly where the request is being authenticated and where it is being redirected. Wrong way on a bike lane? Last modified on Nov 14, 2012 at9:59AM codedj @figuerres there is a hotfix for that.Scott Hanselman had written about this problem a while back. Can leaked nude pictures damage one's academic career?

Justin Toth http://tothsolutions.com http://www.sportsalert.com Reply tim594 None 0 Points 1 Post Re: Login control doesnt work in Internet Explorer Sep 15, 2006 11:20 AM|tim594|LINK This is unnacceptable to me. Alternatively, you can directly update the application by opening the App_Browsers folder and adding a .browser file with correct definitions as shown below.

So even the user get valid creditianal. What happened?

Force browser to download latest CSS file Code ladder, Robbers Dealing With Dragonslayers Can Newton's laws of motion be proved? The issue here is the same – these browsers were released after .NET4 and it does not recognize their User-Agent request header. So no error message, but no log in.