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Alt Tags Not Working In Safari


share|improve this answer answered Jun 17 '10 at 10:06 3zzy 19.2k64186315 1 you only need to set the width –Cine Nov 17 '10 at 8:43 It will still f ^Start a Discussion MBack to Discussions 1 CJ Image ALT Tags not showing up in safari/chrome/firefox with images turned off Chris Judson posted 2014-10-01 22:28:40: Edit | Delete Hi Im http://rebuildingtheweb.com/en/how-should-browsers-render-alt-text/ More screenies from the Paceillo Group's blog... Is this a bug in Safari on Windows, or Safari is missing this feature. http://pgelections.com/alt-text/alt-tags-not-working-in-ie8.html

Code ladder, Robbers How to make a good diagram arrow Array unification Build me a brick wall! That is what Ian Hickson recommends. Posted by Mohan Arun L (@marun2 on Twitter)on Friday 2010-02-05 at 05:58:21 PSTCommenter Chris, FF has the wrong implementation in my opinion. Although the thrust of Roger and Steve's articles is about the way browsers handle title attributes, I agree with Greg that the way different ATs handle the title attribute is a http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3059024/safari-doesnt-display-alt-text-on-images

Alt Text Not Showing On Hover

more hot questions question feed default about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Comment 47 Joe Wild 2011-06-06 11:28:57 PDT Created attachment 96099 [details] Example patch of corrected alt text sizing The question is where to go from here. If I put something in alt, I expect it to be displayed if the image isn't there. Posted by Web Axeon Wednesday 2010-02-03 at 10:31:30 PSTGreat article, thank you!

Here is an excellent article on the issue (with screen caps that show how each browser renders the alt text). I haven't made time to look at the specifications at this point. It's best visible when you put a border. Alt Text On Hover We would have to see what the other browsers do and what the specification suggests.

Providing a @title and not providing an @alt is not a mistake per the current HTML5 draft. > > > > If one does not provide an alt attribute for an Chrome Alt Text Extension A stupid cipher? Simply rendering the textual content in place of the visual content would be the preferred solution as shown in the screen shot below:Should an icon be displayed to indicate the content this content It should act like a div with overflow hidden and maybe that icon floated right.

I fail to see how this is related to whether not displaying ALT text for broken images hampers accessibility. How To Test Alt Text Please, let's fix it now. Is there a way to block an elected President from entering office? HTML5 implies that it should be displayed (formally specifying what exactly browsers display it of course out of scope for it).

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Chrome & Safari also do this, but the text will be cutoff you unless you set the height/weight of the image. hop over to this website It /does/ address the change to @title proposed in Comment #45. Alt Text Not Showing On Hover more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed Alt Text Not Showing Wordpress I would argue that browsers should provide options for how and when to render alt and title text for images, and that this should not require the image to not be

Comment 66 Gérard Talbot 2011-12-18 17:37:13 PST (In reply to comment #64) > (In reply to comment #62) > > > 1. http://pgelections.com/alt-text/alt-tags-not-working-chrome.html Chrome and Safari do not display the text if it is longer than the img width. Is it only lack of testcases blocking Joe's patch now? Comment 30 Adam 2010-11-15 20:56:44 PST Blind people maybe? Hide Alt Text

current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. I don't know what the original reasons were, but I've been personally using it on multiple occasions to avoid paying for excessive traffic, as you described below. >> This is how This is because as a user/browser of the page in question, I would still like to see how the web page author has described the image, and I dont know how have a peek here The IE behavior is also satisfactory (placing a broken image icon before the text "Print"), if somewhat less desirable than Firefox's behavior.

I feel FF has the correct implementation of displaying alt text (except when widht and height is specified).3. View Alt Text I noticed a couple of things so far. One of the reasons the WG let this provision stand was that user agents could provide access to @title when @alt is missing: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2011Apr/0451.html Comment 61 Gérard Talbot 2011-12-18 13:42:51 PST

All WebKit based Browsers.

Comment 72 Tom Horsley 2012-08-31 05:56:49 PDT Here's a thought: If it is totally impossible to simply follow the utterly clear and unambiguous html standards after 7 years of debate, how If there's no alt text but there is title text, nothing shows when the image is missing, but if you hover over it, you'll see the title text. As a slight remark to your results, Fx actually makes the image the same height as the inherited line height and zero pixels wide. Alt Img Please, can something, ANYTHING be done here?

Should I trust a website which breaks when I use a complex password? I'm not sure about other browsers, but Firefox does show the alternate text. Comment 35 Gérard Talbot 2010-11-16 10:35:51 PST (In reply to comment #31) > This bug is about displaying ALT text for missing images only - resources that the browser tried to Check This Out fast/dom/34176.html fast/borders/rtl-border-05.html editing/pasteboard/drag-image-to-contenteditable-in-iframe.html Fails on Qt Linux and other platforms due to my change.

Those pages in Internet Archive are already a mess, adding tons of text snippets from ALT attributes would just make them even less readable. - other browsers do display ALT text The src attribute provides visual content and the alt attribute provides textual content. Odd results. E.g.: Safari Alt text "Safari" requires more than 31px of width to be displayed.

The alt text is designed to display on the page when an image does not load, whereas the title text is designed to display balloon text for images that load. Go to a website that tries to display an unavailable image. Now that the voting system has been removed, the petition somehow replaces it. > 2. Comment 34 Alexey Proskuryakov 2010-11-16 09:19:42 PST There are three things that need to be well understood to move forward on this bug: - whether rendering of ALT for missing images

I clearly remember voting for this bug and even said so in comment 10. Those are two obvious scenarios that jump out to me. Home | New | Browse | Search | [?] | Reports | Requests | Help | NewAccount | Log In [x] | Forgot Password Login: [x] Rebuilding The WebArticles, advocacy, discussion What I'm saying is completely withing reason based on this bugs original title and description.

It is supported by almost all browsers. The code makes an attempt under some situations (src="") to size to show the alt text. Unsurprisingly, browsers behave differently as well. Read our primer! © The Paciello Group.